Designed to surprise, delight, and entice, the Perelman’s ‘Mystery Box’ building will provide a one-of-a-kind home for the performing arts that both respectfully embraces memory and celebrates vitality, creation, and rebirth.

Shrouding a rugged workhorse interior, the 138-foot-tall cubed-shaped building will be clad in translucent, book-matched marble.

During the day, the facade will allow in light, while creating a reflective exterior that respectfully cloaks the building’s inner life. At night, the facade will dissolve to emit a warm, amber glow, shining like a beacon of hope onto the plaza.


“The building’s design contrasts the purity and elegance of the monolithic facade with the flexible, changing characters of an interior that supports innovation. We’ve created a simple edifice, but there’s magic happening within.”

— Joshua Ramus, REX Principal Architect & Founder


Upon ascending a grand outdoor staircase, visitors will discover the Perelman’s three floors:

  • The Public Level: The first floor will have open public convening spaces, a restaurant and cafe.

  • The Performer Level: Disguised behind winding hallways, the second floor will conceal backstage activities with actors’ dressing rooms, a green room, music room, wig storage, etc.

  • The Play Level: The third floor is dedicated to creation with three flexible performance spaces and an artist rehearsal space.

With its unique architectural and interior design that lends itself to unparalleled artistic possibilities and communal connections, the Perelman is destined to become an iconic cultural and social landmark in New York City.


Open to the Public

Welcoming the local community and neighborhood visitors, the Perelman will be ‘alive all day’ with:

  • Public access spaces on the first floor to gather, convene, and reflect

  • A restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • A cafe

    Our inviting spaces encourage people of all backgrounds to come together to exchange ideas, enjoy a meal, or experience the arts

A sketch illustrating one of the possible configurations for the Perelman’s flexible theaters.  © Charcoalblue LLP 2018

A sketch illustrating one of the possible configurations for the Perelman’s flexible theaters.

© Charcoalblue LLP 2018

Flexible, Artist-Friendly Theater Spaces

The Perelman’s performance spaces, designed by Charcoalblue, offer artists an unprecedented level of flexibility to achieve their creative vision.

Three auditoria (499/199/99 seats) and a rehearsal room, which can double as a fourth venue, are separated by movable, acoustic guillotine walls allowing for 11 different arrangements of the space.

Creating a radically different environment for each show—from an intimate black box setting to a cavernous rock venue—the space can adapt to the needs of artists, as well as construct different audience experiences.

Audiences and visitors will constantly be surprised as the theaters, seating arrangements, front-of-house hallways and processional spaces transform from performance to performance.

Cutting-edge technology

Designed with state-of-the-art digital technology, the Perelman’s flexible theater spaces will have the capacity to reach audiences and artists far beyond its walls.

Equipped with a broadcasting and recording system, the performance spaces can virtually connect to classrooms, cultural institutions, and off-site audiences around the world.