CHARCOALBLUE, Theater Design Consultant - CHARCOALBLUE   

Established in 2004 by Andy Hayles, Gavin Green and Jon Stevens, Charcoalblue is the largest and most exciting organization of its kind working in Britain. Responding to growing interest from around the world, they continue to grow their innovative theatre, acoustic and digital consultancy service, working from their offices in London, Bristol New York and Melbourne.

Charcoalblue’s extensive portfolio of clients ranges from world-famous UK companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and Glyndebourne Festival Opera, to household US companies such as St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Steppenwolf and Baltimore Centerstage.

Their unique collaborative approach and relentless attention to detail has won them awards, ecstatic reviews from the theatrical and architectural press and, most importantly, praise from their theatres’ performers, technicians and audiences.