Artistic Vision

The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Performing Arts at the World Trade Center will be a new kind of arts space for the next generation of audiences and artists, redefining downtown Manhattan as a prime cultural and social destination.  Offering the latest space and technological opportunities for creating work unlike anywhere else in New York City, The Perelman Center will be a one-of-a-kind home for dance, theater, contemporary chamber opera, music and a venue for the Tribeca Film Festival.  The five tenets of our mission reflect the focus of our program.

We Produce

The Perelman Center is home to creativity; a birthplace, not a showcase.  We will produce and co-produce with other companies both local and international.

Our Performance Spaces are Flexible

The ingenuity of The Perelman Center’s theaters provides untold capabilities for live experiences. The Perelman Center’s distinct one-of-a-kind layout offers three separate venues  with flexible seating conditions. Furthermore, the theaters can be conjoined to create different configurations, accommodating up to 1200 people.  This creates both grand and intimate settings unlike any other artistic home - offering artists license to create works which relate to audiences in myriad ways.

We are Alive All Day

The Perelman Center welcomes members of the community, artists, workers, neighbors, and visitors from early morning until late at night.  We are designing The Perelman to be popular from breakfast till post-performance, a place to gather, convene and reflect.  We will offer community programs, audience activations, and special events.

We are Technologically Advanced and Digitally Connected

The Perelman Center will provide capabilities in its public and performance spaces to adapt to the most up-to-date artistic and communication endeavorsArtists and audiences will experience unparalleled access to and excellence in production design and also the interchange of work with artists and institutions around the world.

We defy expectations

The experience of being in the Perelman Center is never the same.  The way the community will animate our public spaces, the way the theater spaces will constantly reinvent themselves, and our broad range of artistic and community programming means that the experience will always be surprising, and wonderful.